Monday, July 13, 2015

Back on the World Wide InterWeb

I am sitting at the kitchen table and typing away on my new laptop. The old tower succumbed to the ravages of time, being somewhere around eight years old and died on me. The guy at the place where I took it said the hard drive was barely hanging on and ready to fail.

They were able to retrieve all my old data and move it here. So $600.00 later, I'm back, baby!

I had a very successful weekend of work in the bathroom. I accomplished my goals and a little bit more.

I got the electrical mostly roughed in and figured where everything will be going. The blue boxes are the spots where lights, switches or receptacles will go.
I also got a new power line laid from the box to the bathroom that will provide power for the heated floor. We ran an additional line because I think I'm going to add a ceramic wall heater as well. Back up, ya know!

The really smart thing we did was to pull a string through the difficult area of the wire run in order to more easily access the area if we ever want to run another line for something. What, I don't know. Perhaps a gymnasium or a flux capacitor. The point is that if we want to run another line, we can do it easily.

When I say we, I mean Jerry and I. jerry is my Electrical Expert. I run the wire and he does all the important work at the box.

On Sunday, goal was to remove the door and fill the hole.

Once again, mission accomplished. I am so awesome! That is generally the type of thing I write just before a disaster happens.

I think I shall humble myself by stating I still have a looooooong way to go and lots of possibilities to electrocute, lacerate or maim myself.
Here's an idea of the shower placement. Wow! It doesn't look very big in that picture. The shower enclosure is 38 inches on either side. It's not as large as our upstairs shower but who cares. If you need more room to shower, you go upstairs.

Susan accomplished some stuff this weekend as well. Her project was to try and waterproof the upstairs balcony. We have had some issues with water dripping onto the front porch and we know it is coming from the balcony. She is applying some rubber baseboard around "the balc" in the hopes that the water will stay up there until it evaporates or enters the food chain.

We haven't really had an issue with the leaking until recently so we think our caulking has shrunk and pulled away from the seams. It's been about seven or eight years since the balcony went in.

She is having some issues with the Liquid Nails she is using. It doesn't appear to want to stick to the siding. We'll get this project done and then keep an eye on it.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Construction Update and Weather Forecast

This post is not an indicator that my computer is back and operating within normal parameters. It is an indicator that I got in to work early this morning and decided on making a little update.

And "Little" update is the key. I have been plugging away in the bathroom, making small progress every night, leading to the hope of massive progress this weekend.

The plan is to block off the door, get the wiring roughed in and get the floor ready to be laid.

I checked on siding yesterday and it is going to cost about $350.00 for the siding we need. We are hoping to feather it in and eliminate a bit of the rough contours that we presently have. I guess what I am saying is, I do not want to replace the siding and have it look obvious that it is a patch. I want it to blend with the rest of the house and appear as if there was never a door there.

The heat spell continues but it has eased. We are not having the 100 degree days we were experiencing. Just into the 90's now. The forecast for today is 98 degrees and the record, set in 1985 is 100.

That's your Accu-Stan Weather forecast for July 9th, Twenty-Fifteen.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summer Photo

Nothing to report today.

But here's a cool picture from the front porch. The lantern is not lit, the sun is setting behind it.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Going Dark

The Heat Continues.

It's just plain hot and that has been going now for about three weeks. Thank the Lord we have plenty of water to pour out on to the ground and roll around in.

We made a little bathroom progress today as we worked on preparing for the sub-floor and taking out the old door. I may have the door part finished by the end of the week. Well, not finished but blocked off and sealed shut. Here's the wrath of destruction that Susan reeked forth on this fine day.

My immediate problem right now is this computer here at home. It is infected with major crapoleena. I'm taking it in tomorrow to have it de-crapisized.

So, until further notice, we are going dar-

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 239th America

A Fabulous Fourth of July with temperatures well into the thousands of degrees.

We floated the Little Spokane. We barbecued meat. We gathered a bunch of friends together and rode bikes downtown to watch the explosions.

Here is the pictorial evidence.

Can you find the face in the rock?
It's good to be an American!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Heavy Delivery

The heat wave continues. The high temperature for today was 99 degrees.

Prior to my piano lesson tonight, my friend Mark stopped by with his little truck packed full of cast iron and porcelain. It was our new bath tub. We unloaded it into the garage. That MoFo is heavy. It will remain there until I am ready for it in the bathroom. I'm hoping that means the end of July. 

If it turns out to be there longer than that, then I shall begin a shame spiral.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Solstice 2015

I made a conscience effort prior to the start of the party to remember to pull out the camera and snap some pictures.
This was the best picture I got.

I also got a good shot of the food.
But that was about it. I basically forgot to take pictures.

For the few who showed up, there was great food and cold cold beer. I don't blame anyone who stayed away. It was HOT! And I'm sure that is why we had such a low turn out. The other alternative is that we are not that popular and I just don't see that.

I am not complaining. We had a party and people came. I don't think we had more than 30 people. That's more beer for me.

We went through almost all of my 5 gallons of homebrew, a lovely clone of Alaskan Amber. And everyone who showed up got to see the bathroom in transition.

The official, record breaking high temperature for the day was 102. It was about 89 when we went to bed at 1AM.

Susan and I are both glad it is over.

I used my time machine to go ahead a day and snatch tomorrow's headline, which I think is an appropriate legacy with which to remember this weekend.
The paper is reporting that the official temperature for today was 105, the hottest recorded at the airport since August 4th, 1961.
That is also the temperature I recorded on the deck, in the shade, just a little bit ago.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Preppin' for a Party

One nice thing about having a party is that the house gets all cleaned up and straightened. For a couple of days, you actually live in the place that you want the rest of the world to think you live in. 

We have been doing all the final touch ups on the yard and the house and Susan is in a fury of food prep.

I suspect a low turn out due to the heat. It is already over 100 degrees.

I think this is one of the prettiest sights on earth.
This is even prettier.
Happy Solstice (One Week Late) to all who are celebrating.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Here Come Da Heat

Susan is working a Spokane Shock game tonight and I am on duty to complete some jobs prior to tomorrows Solstice (one Week Late) party.

I've got to get some lights up, do some finishing touches on the yard and try to stay cool.

It looks like we are in for a heat wave weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rants and $$$

I have stuff to report but first, a rant about Coffee Hipster Doofusses. Or is it Doffussi? Whatever it is, it prevents me from getting a decent cup of coffee in the morning.

Let me start by saying I am no coffee purest. I load in the sugar. Coffee on it's own is not for me. I can get along without cream but I must have the sweet.

While I can defer the creamer, my preference is for a creamer of the chocolate variety, making a nice soothing mocha with which to start my day.

But can you find a flavored creamer that is just chocolate? The answer is "NO!"

They have vanilla (not bad), hazelnut (nope), Pimento with ginseng (NOOOOOOOOO!). All I want is a delicate chocolate tint to my coffee. But there is nothing even close...or it is sold out. That alone should tell these grocery people what to stock.

I've been forced to buy a little bottle of Nestles Quik and use that, AND IT'S NOT CUTTING IT!

See what I'm like when I don't get my coffee!

Two major purchases in as many days is moving us onto the cutting edge of the cutting edge.

I bought a Dremmel side cutting saw ($89.00). I need to get in close to the walls in the bathroom to clear the ledge where the sub floor will rest. Chiseling the old floor boards was not cutting it. (Pun intended) It appears that the old sub floor went down before the walls went up. That makes it very difficult to remove the flooring.

Anyway, I'm plugging away at the walls and hopefully will have some subflooring down on Sunday.

The other big purchase was a long overdue NEW LAWN MOWER. My old Craftsman Tecumseh had finally thrown in the lug wrench. It lasted for almost 18 years and that was after I bought it at a Pawn Shop. So it served me well and I felt a twinge of guilt as I turned it over the Country Homes Power for a $50.00 credit towards my new HONDA Double Bladed Power-Torque Mulching Lawn System (499.99 plus tax).

That's right! It's not just a mower. It's a Lawn System. I think that allows them to charge an extra $150.00 for it.

That five hundred bucks includes an extended warranty with annual servicing.

I mowed last night and it was quite fab. The mower has two features that really made it attractive. Number One: a really big opening to the grass catcher which makes dumping the grass much easier than my old mower. Number B: Susan paid for half of it.

On top of all this activity, we are two days away from our annual Solstice Party. We are a week late because Susan had to work last Saturday at a giant event. So we put it off until this Saturday. We've been slowly cleaning and preparing for a couple of weeks now so we have not experienced the level of stress that normally oozes from Susan and runs downhill to me.

A bunch of food is already prepared, the homebrew is in the keg, and the grounds are acceptably ready. Not great, just acceptable.

And of course, we will be one bathroom short.

Here's a digital version of this years invitation. Sorry I can't make it any larger. If you double click on it, it comes up pretty clear.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Plumbing Accomplished.

I was told the Plumbers would arrive between 8:30 and 9:00. At 9:35, I called and was told they are on their way.

I got them set up and left them to do their work when they arrived at 9:50. Rick said he expected to be finished by 3.

I drove up at 5:30 and there were two Plumbers trucks in the driveway. "This doesn't bode well.", I thought to myself.

I went back to see what was going on and there were three guys working away. It had not gone as well as Rick expected.

The drain for the toilet went surprisingly easy, I guess. Above is a picture of the old drain line and the new one.

The problem they ran into concerned the joists on the southern third of the floor...the newest section of the floor. The half inch plywood that had been the floor was supported by a ridge shelf all the way around the floor area and two 2x6's. A 2x6 does not meet code for a floor and it's even less supportive when one drills a 4 inch hole through the board.

So Rick bought some 2x8's to sister to the 2x6's. That seemed to do the job, but of course, added a lot of time to the job.

They finally got out of there a little before eight.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Count Down to Plumbers

The Plumbers will be here on Wednesday so the bathroom must be ready for them.

I believe I achieved bathroom preparedness today.

I'm trying to figure out the provenance of what went on in this space. I know that the wall we took down was originally an outside wall. At some point, an addition was added that extended the bottom of the stairwell and made the kitchen larger.

But there are three different sub floors in the space. The north third of the floor is the expected sub floor of rough cut planks laid down with a little space in between them.

The southern third is 3/4 inch plywood over 2x6 joists that are not placed according to code.

The weird part is the middle third. It is tongue and groove planking painted green that was probably a very small narrow porch floor at some point.

I don't think I'm ever going to know what has gone on in this space.
I can only talk about what is going to occur in this space. That story will continue on Wednesday.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mo Deestrukshun

A little more progress has been made in the bathroom.

For starters, we spent $2,900 for a new bath tub, faucet and drain. Since that's most of our budget, we're finished.

Here's what it looks like right now.
My job for tonight was to try and get as much of the ceiling down as possible. The Plumbers will need access in order to connect venting.

I did pretty well. The last vestige of burgundy wall and ceiling is gone forever.

This weekend will be removing the flooring. More access for the Plumbers. They have a difficult enough task in front of them as it is.

Susan has been upstairs cleaning in preparation for the upcoming Solstice party, this year being held one week late. We have gotten a good jump on the cleaning. And when I say "we", I mean her.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Grand Post

This is my One Thousandth Post. Nobody Cares. Let's talk about something important.

I have not reported on the bathroom progress because there has been none.

We have run into a problem concerning plumbing. However, after much consulting with a variety of Plumbing Persons, we are now ready to proceed. The cost to move some plumbing around is going to be $1,500.00.

The cost for the new bath tub is about $2,400.00. Add another $250 for the faucet and we are up to just over four grand. We haven't even talked about tile, the in floor heat, and all the assorted finishing items. My hope was to keep this to $5,000 but clearly, we will be breaking 6K in no time.

The Plumbers are scheduled for the 17th. Before they get here, I have to pull up all the sub flooring and a couple of steps on the old stairs.

I'll chronicle it all as it occurs.